When Does The Manual Come Back Online?

when does the manual come back online?
and the wiki?


Yah, I’ve actually needed to reference this recently, and it’s AWOL

there are offline versions of the manual for 2.1 here if you need :


Aside from the downloadable “offline” editions , the online one won’t come online that soon.
This is because the wiki engine will be transferred from Pmwiki to either mediawiki or Drupal and the transition will cost time as i don’t have anything up yet.

The offline will still be generated from the PmWiki engine, but will eventually also be deserted.

Check out Dokuwiki vV… it’s HIGHLY extensible. Significantly moreso than mediawiki.

Is it not on any of the web-archive sites?

It has to have an IPB auth plugin. I believe Drupal and MediaWiki have one.

It did not backed up the 2.x series of documents :)

Were not looking for extensible. We’re looking for maintainable. This is to avoid getting hacked in the future.

MediaWiki and/or Moin Moin are maintained by Debian in their repositories. It’s a matter of apt-get, this is why we are looking at these.

The goal is to reduce all web frameworks to as few as possible, and the easiest to upgrade. Focus, people.