When I use Renoise my browser goes deaf

Hi everyone,
After buying a new PC with Windows 11, for some reason my Renoise only works with Asio4All while I would like it to connect directly to my Focusrite Scarlett 2i4. I often use Splice.com to listen to samples at the same time, but unfortunately when I use the Asio4All set in Renoise, my browser does not produce any sound, it is deaf…
It comes back only when I turn off Renoise, close the browser and restart it that the sound comes back in the PC, then I start Renoise again and the problem repeats. Is there a quick solution to this problem? In windows 10 everything worked fine.
Maybe it’s some little thing in the settings that I don’t know about and I have no idea how to set it up…

I’m not sure if this is the issue, but try installing the real Scarlett ASIO drivers from Focusrite’s websiite. ASIO4ALL is really just a hack to add ASIO compatibility to your laptop’s onboard sound card or something like that. You should never need to use it on a decent audio interface like the Scarlett.

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I uninstalled Asio4ALL, installed the new drivers for Focusrite, reloaded the PC and the problem solved itself. Your suggestion was crucial.Thanks a lot!

assio 4alll can give better latency than some vendors drivers .
Most of the vendors drivers (even focusrite) aren’t even coded by focusrite but by one company selling it’s code (forgot the name of the oem )
RME being the exception which is all done in house and the reason why their drivers are rock solid and supertight timing >

ASIO is an exclusive driver, in that it takes over your soundcard entirely for performance reasons. You could try using WASAPI which is basically just as performant as ASIO but isn’t an exclusive driver.

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