When sending a track's signal to a send track, meters are muted in Renoise 3.3

When sending a track to a S0X (Send track), the waves are not showing in the mother track anymore. Why? And how do I get’em back?

It is one of those things that make it easier to navigate my tracks. It was always like that. Lots of cool waves to show what goes on in the specified track, but now it’s gone.

The send track is returned to the master channel AFAIK.

Do you have ‘Mute Source’ on?

Noticed this behaviour in v3.3 also.
Tried the same song in v3.2 and even with ‘Mute Source’ switched ON in the send device, the track scopes were still active and the track meters were greyed out to show that there is audio still there but is being bypassed by the ‘Mute Source’ option.

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I know

I am aware of how send/return works. In real life the signal would of course only show on the channel it is actually producing. Thats not why I wrote this post.

Point is that I use sends a lot. I usually have many tracks going at once. And the scopes help out a lot to see what is going on. A visual overlook if you may. Let’s say a plugin fails for whatever reason and the channel goes silent, it is way easier to spot the error if I can see the waveforms at all times.

Besides. Why take them away?? Just why? At this point? We’ve been sendig tracks for yyyeeears with the mother tracks still showing waveforms. And we managed! Hopefully this is just a glitch in the matrix and we can get the waveforms back.

Maybe just change the color of the waveform if/when it sends. That would actually be helpfull. As it is now, this update is destructive. Pointless at best.

Having the same ‘issue’, seeing what the tracks are doing was a really good visual aid for organizing tracks before v3.3. And to top it off, now the behaviour is just inconsistent: Multiband sends still behave similarly to how sends behaved previously, so if this is the way to go going forward, I’d expect all the sends to work in the same way.

And to keep it clear, this is all just about visual behaviour, not the functionality for signal paths or anything like that, that works as expected and hasn’t changed.

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I’m with Jester and Little Theremin on this

Only being able to see the summed signal when using the send device, I find to be counter-productive. It’s sometimes easy to get lost without that visual feedback when quickly auditioning/muting samples in different track lanes.

Did notice that for my semi-native M/S setup I had to swap the M send around with the S send to get v3.2 type functionality back but still get no visual feedback from the track lanes.

Hope this gets fixed.

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This indeed wasn’t done intentional. Will be fixed in the next update.


Best news today! :heart_eyes: