When To Go See Them Crooked Vultures At The Apollo! Amazing.....

Super Groups are usually over rated but this lot were really fucking good…

It was great to see middle aged men coming back to gigs again enjoying themselves, haha! (I dunno why… i’m only seventeen but it still made me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside seeing all ages enjoying a concert) I wouldn’t have usually gone, i’m more into Bloc Party … I guess that counts as indie… oh well…, but my mate got me some tickets and I’m really glad i went… Their support band also had an ultra fit singer too… Sweethead was the band i think??

Anybody else see these guys? Opinions on their album??

When I initially heard them on the radio I was excited and impressed by their energy. After listening to thier album, I was kind of dissappointed. There was a solid rhythm coming from Grohl and Jones, but with expectations high Josh Homme is kind of a weak point. He is left with guitar and singing. I think they could have used a lead guitarist to round things out. I was also expecting more creativeness in the songwriting, but they didn’t stray much from their comfort zone.

It does sound quite a bit like Queens of the Stone Age(which I love), but is a bit bouncier and not quite as heavy. From your expereience I am led to think maybe their full energy isn’t coming across in their album. There are plenty of bands that are great live, but meh in the studio.

Yeah, i know what you mean, the recordings sound a bit distant… production fail? Lives not a problem though : )

the support band i was talking about earlier turned out to be the QOTSA guitarists side project… so you should probs check that out

Very very good album!

…and the best selling album in my record-store at the moment :D