When using sends the audio is interrupted

When using sends in 3.3.2 for mac I noticed that when turning the sends on and off via the FX column the audio is not as smooth when switching and I get some clipping sounds.

Why is this happening?
I’ve attached test XRNS file

send-test.xrns (22.2 KB)

Here is an audio clip of the recording

Think you are correct; something doesn’t sound right doing it that way,
it is almost like it is cycling between two versions of the two drum hits.

Worth mentioning the sample itself is clipped:


Using a Wet + Dry approach sorta seems to sound better, not sure if
it helps, but hope it does:


Previously in earlier versions, I was able to toggle the sends on and off and did not experience these audio hiccups. Is there another way I should be using sends to prevent this from happening?

You can plug a different sample in and it still does the same thing where it seems like the sample is being triggered twice like you said Jek!

I just checked your attached test XRNS on Windows 10 Pro (build 19042.906 version 202H, using ASIO4ALL latest Beta drivers) and am not hearing anything unusual. This might be an OSX issue. @taktik

You might take a screenshot of your Audio tab in Renoise Settings, also probably note your OS build info from wherever you find that on Macs in another post. The more information you provide, the more likely someone may be able to help.

I don’t have any OSX devices, so I don’t think I will be of any further use.

I’m on Mac version 10.15.7 and I’ve attached my audio tab
Screen Shot 2021-03-31 at 1.04.59 PM

Using a Using a Wet + Dry approach as suggested by Jek indeed will be less error prone, but if it worked before, it should work now too. Will check that.

The interruption is more audible the higher the audio latency so it seems like somethings applied one audio buffer too late here.

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Looks like dialing down the latency to 1 seems to fix it. I don’t remember setting the latency to 93 as you see in the previous screenshot. Thanks for your help folks!

Below is a shot of my audio tab:


Thanks @taktik for looking into any possible counter / timing issues.