When Will Bytesmasher Unban Bigtxandre From Irc Chat?

I plead when will I be unbanned bytesmasher sir.

Whoops - PM him :)

I havent been on my computer for a week but when I come back IM ip banned from IRC room. My life is crumbling now. I lost my job. I killed my kids. Im drinking my own urine and eating cat food.

did i mention I started listening to daft punk and doing coke?

I think it would be wise if you remain banned from #renoise! :P

You were banned from #Renoise for a good reason… would you like me to post some logs?`

Do it!

Do it!

Omg i said sorry tis the xmas season. Second chance bro!

when you stop being a f****ing troll, bro

i cant help but wonder…

I said IM sorry not much more I can do. You all are fascistic…

If you wanna keep me banned oh well.

I actually have no idea what this beef is about, I am just interested in what exactly got you banned from the irc-channel.

IM sure I was drunk and said alot of dumb shit which led to byte banning me. It wasnt anyones fault but mine of course.

I have no idea what you wrote but being drunk is no excuse for any misbehavior, but that’s a point that someone usually starts understands when they kill a kid while driving drunk. In that case you also know that sorry will never fix anything.

Bloody hell! if you said something that equates to killing a child whilst drunk driving i want to hear it!
Death threats? Blackmail?
Because generaly i think saying something stupid should be something you can apologise and be forgiven for.

huh? I have no idea what is going on. I didnt kill anyone LOL? I was joking…

I never drink either except that one day I got banned. What the hell is going on.

MY(oda)RC sez:
“Banned you are not for saying stupid things. Banned you are for being stupid.”

if I installed a channel filter for drunk or stoned people, #renoise would just have me sitting in there :P

TMAnna is such a wino

Well, that’s what i said, i don’t know what you wrote, i only know that when you get drunk you can do really stupid things even beyond stupid.
Everybody can say things that can be apologised for but that’s up to Byte to consider if that is enough.

I’m not mentioning this to be able to sum up various matches about killing a child whilst drunk driving (while this is definately a good motivational thought for me i use to completely keep off the liquor when i stil have to drive home). I just write that being drunk is a risk you take full responsibility for in advance and the consequences due to alcohol misuse are yours to bare. (and hopefully only yours)