When will renoise 1.2 will be available ??

When will renoise 1.2 will be available ?? for unregisterd users

Thank in advace

Jeroen B)

When known bugs are fixed and everything seems to be stable and fine :slight_smile:
Nobody wins on a buggy release.

Thanks B)

all bugs that caused crashes are fixed, we a are working now on the more harmless but nerving bugs.
expect it soon.

i think one more beta release (rc version) would be relevant to give 1.2final actual quality.

yes, one more beta is planned for this weekend …


Keep up the good work

Jeroen B)

hmm… so much for a new beta this weekend ?

the weekend is not yet past :)

is this with every software or only with ours such inpatience? :)

just joking, it is good that you show such big interest and we appreciate it.

Only with Renoise! I’ve never checked if a newer version of a program is available every time I was online :)


I will a soon as renoise will be released for free. And if i like it then i will register.

So this can be very soon!!!

Jeroen B)

??? ;)

I don’t get it guest?? Translation into Dutch:
Ik snap er nix van Guest???

Jeroen B)

hopefully i check everyday, and every day i think… “one day less to wait”

Ok, more Dutch:

"K’ snap er nix van, dit forum is bezeten met Limburgers, en wat nog meer :D"

Heh, LOLz that was the thing I had to put in here ;)

That nice :)


Jeroen aka DJ J-R

Yes there is one thing for sure, Renoise is used by many people over the world.

Thats just great!!! :)

Jeoen B)