When Would You Switch To 2.5

Hi All,
I’m still on 2.1 and learning more or less quickly the ropes.
Do you think it’s better to switch to 2.5 already even if it’s still in Beta or should I wait?

Can’t think of a single reason to not switch. Besides, it’s possible to have several Renoise versions installed.

I switched from 2.1 to 2.5 on the same day the beta was announced and haven’t looked back since! Every new version of Renoise contains new features and improvements that make it more fun and easier to use, so it’s a no-brainer as far as I’m concerned.

possibility to route metadevices to other tracks is worth the upgrade alone .

  • awesome cabinet simulator / xy pad/ patternmatrix etc…

2.5 has been very stable for me since later alphas, if that is what worries you. Also the featureset of 2.5 makes it totally kick 2.1’s ass. :D

Satbility was my main concern, I guess I’ll just have to give it a shot…

I switched working constantly in 2.5 since beta 3-4 or something like that. Last time, at 2.1, I was working on a remix to be released so I didn’t take any chances on actual work, but this time I more or less jumped right on the train.

Which reminds me I got some small details to report. :)


I downloaded 2.1 demo version and used it for less than a week before registering to switch to 2.5 (wanted to render songs and use ReWire with Reaper) and didn’t go back to 2.1 since.

For what that’s worth, of course ;)

I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the beta versions.

Here is the thing; the testers take care of breaking stuff in the Alpha releases.
So by the time the beta gets to us, the team has pretty much beat it with a hammer nice & smooth. Once it gets to us, it’s our role to get it nice and shiny.

Most of the troubles one ever runs into the betas is pretty much contrary to their distinct usage.

So. It is Very important if you have distinct usage needs to get the betas.
Meaning if you use renoise, with other things that might not be widely used, if you don’t speak up, it might be slated to the next release.

I see the beta released, I get it. I love seeing what the team has done.
Sometimes I do forget to get the updated versions though.

The forum needs a big bold size 7 font stating the current release. :D

Perhaps, otherwise your beta automatically expires someday so when that happens you know for sure you have to get an update.
If you forget to update, this merely means you do not suffer on existing bugs that are being reported on the beta’s, which gives an extra meaning to the word “stable”

I wonder why 2.5 isn’t public yet, it has been rock solid for the last month.

because registered people have yet to find the hidden pianoroll, so we cannot yet announce it

The manual has to be put back online first.
(Which will be put online again soon).