When You Are Happy Cartoon with Renoise Music and SFX

Hi guys :slight_smile: Just wanted to show you my another cartoon music video I’ve entirely created alone. It took me ~2 months to finish, and currently I am translating it from Serbian to English. I hope to upload new English version in next 2 days.

I had hard attack on my Youtube channel 2 months ago, agony lasted over 1,5 months, but I am now almost fully recovered so this song is the second of most watched videos [it has over 52000 views daily!] on my channel :slight_smile:

Take a look:

Kad si srećan (When You Are Happy And You Know It) Nursery Rhymes 2015 powered by Jaffa


Any comments are welcome.

p.s. English version coming in next few days!

Sounds (and looks) proper. GJ!

You did a great job on the video and music. It sounds very lively and I love the woman’s voice. Keep it up! :slight_smile: