When you first started with renoise, how did you learn the keyboard shortcuts?

ive been trying to use the shortcuts as much as i can but there are so many. i’ve seen some people say delete them all and create your own. i did try to print out the xml for my current keybindings but the page comes up blank for some reason.

either way - i was curious if anyone had any tips on learning them to be more efficient!

No need to learn all. Just use the mouse and from time to time learn another short cut.

Focus on these shortcuts first, you’ll need them anyway. The rest will come by itself, learning by doing.

thanks @lilith thats some nice comforting guidance & thanks @TNT this is far less intimidating to approach.

I noticed the things I did often with the mouse and would eventually get tired of that I learned the keyboard alternative. Pretty organic.

I haven’t learned a good portion of them yet, either. I get this feeling I’ll need to one day, it just hasn’t happened yet

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