Where are song properties in 3.0b?

Where are the song properties (set default template / pattern length /etc) in the 3.0b? I’m sure it’s somewhere obvious but I haven’t been able to find it yet =P



Not a good way to handle this in my opinion.

I mean, #1 and #3 are options that will be saved with the song aren’t they? If so, those two should remain “Song Options”, or at least be buried in a pair of buttons somewhere near the end of the master track DSP bar.

Until now, the View and Options menus only contained settings that persist between songs. Song-specific settings don’t belong there. (Although, making an exception for allowing Song Comments under View is reasonable, because the name of that menu item clearly states it’s song-specific data.)

All view options are song specific.
The options are indeed not.

I’m not sure about the show upper/lower frame either. They currently don’t do anything although these were always important on netbooks.

Still missing default pattern length… where is that?

Look carefully.

Also global groove is now in the master channel of the mixer.

Thanks 4tey. But damn… that has to be an UI “bug” in two ways:

  1. In what sense does “Default pattern length” hierarchically fall under the concept of “Pattern highlight settings”?

  2. minor nitpick - it’s under the “View” menu … in most apps I’ve ever used “View” usually refers to the UI view of the data and not characteristics of the data model. MS Word isn’t exactly a beautiful UI, but it illustrates some of the standard idioms - “View” has stuff like show/hide ruler. This would be the equivalent of putting page size options under the view menu.

I’m fine with getting rid of the song properties, but there must be a more logical place to put this. Minimal-work-fix would be to change the label of “Pattern highlight settings” to something more general or to add another menu item.

I agree that putting default pattern length under ‘view’ or ‘pattern highlight settings’ is confusing. Not sure the best place to put it, personally the first place I looked was in Preferences.

[The next beta](http://forum.renoise.com/index.php?/topic/40890-settings-moved-in-a-confusing-way/page view findpost p 310832) will have these settings put under a “song” option in the menu bar.