Where Can I Get Copyright-free Speech?

I’m working on a piece which could really use some male dialogue but I don’t want to just lift it from a movie since it’s illegal.
Anyone know of a place?

Archive.org, example:


Look for stuff that says “public domain” such as is does in the clip above.

To be more specific, check out the near 2,000 films from the Prelinger Archives.


All historically significant, all public domain.

yeah, the prelinger archives rock. you need to dig trough them but you can get amazing speech-samples from there.

you can also try speech acapella’s from ccmixter.org though it is not entirely copyright free, but unless you don’t want to use it for commercial purposes you can use almost everything.


This is a good text to speech program that works straight from your browser. The page says it’s for non-commercial use only, so if you don’t release your stuff you can use the samples this program generates.