Where Can I Get These Cheap? (apart From Ebay)

where can i get these cheap from guys? and do you like using these for your music? i have tried ebay but people keep outbidding me :( i really like the mfb synth

You can start by telling where you’re from. :) The States, Europe? Why do you want a TR-505/626 btw? I guess it’s the sequencing part you’re after? Because soundwise I personally don’t see much fun with a TR-505 (and I owned one a couple of years ago) - as it’s completely samplebased with no extra bells and whistles (like pitching the drums etc) you can easily obtain the same sounds and sound using samples.

if im not mistaken you can buy the mfb synth at thomann.de

living in the uk i want to circuit bend the tr505 may sound pretty nice i stumbled upon a site that you can buy cold 80s drum machines that have been circuit bent already i may cancel the tr505 what do you think about the tr626? i seen the mfb for about 167 just seeing if there is anywhere cheaper cheers for the quick replies guys

would anyone recommend me getting these drum machines or are they a waste?

soundonsound readers ads might be worth a look. or try other similar classified pages i guess? ebay is probably the best bet i would think, just remember to check the completed auctions prices so you know if your deal compares favourably


click “advanced search” --> “completed listings only”