Where Can I Get This Theme From?

To promote Renoise 1.9 the next screenshot is being showed:

:dribble: Really cool theme, where can I get it?

Ok, bedankt dude!

When I searched for this theme tonight I found out that everything is flat in my themes, then I changed the texture to default and everything got a bit more modern, with gradients and so.

Well now I’m gonna try the gj-DMProMaster9000 together with the default texture and I should get close. Do you know what part of the theme is modified?

I can’t get it right on my machine, I’m not really good in making themes. Is it possible to post that theme with the modifications for download? That would be great!

Wel it really looks different on my system, it doesn’t look as black as on this screenshot. Maybe I should change some settings on my lcd screen itself, I’ll check tonight. Thanks anyway!

yer man, that sounds like your gamma levels

The Gamma levels on my lcd screen? Well I’m gonna try tonight. Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t check this topic for some time.