Where Did The 'Select Closest Instrument In Channel' Go??

So, as i recall it, there used to be a little button to click where it would let u to automatically select the closest intstrument used in a channel. So going from putting down snares in snare channel to kicks in kick channel, the instrument would automatically change and u could just keep at it. Where’s this function now? Please help :) very useful stuff

this feature is called “Instrument autocapture” and it is in the “Options” menu in the top menu bar now. There is no more a dedicated button for it.

In order to use it, you can either set autocapture automatic or use the associated keyboard shortcut, which is written on the right of the menu entry, to capture the nearest instrument once

super, thanks :)

Thank you for posting this!!! I didn’t even know about this feature…used to drive me nuts trying to select instruments!!! :w00t: