Where do I buy soundcards and stuff in Sweden?

I’m having troubble finding online vendors that sell professional soundcards, studio monitors and stuff like that.

Suggestions anyone?

I would prefer swedish sites but I’m ok with other european vendors aswell. (I don’t want to pay too much in shipping)

I would also appreciate if anyone could point out some good review webpages. (Maybe we could update the links page?)

Hejsan! (swedish word for hello :) )

I think you’d better buy from UK, Germany or USA, sometimes the products are 30-50% cheaper than in Sweden.

swedish sites:

Good luck!

Allright then, hit me with the UK, German and American shops!


By the way… take a look at www.musikborsen.se
This is the largest chain of music equipment stores in sweden.
The website does not give that impression…

I would recommend www.jam.se (located in Sthlm and Gbg) as they have good prices and know much about everything… really helpful as well. They ship for free anywhere in Sweden if you pre-pay by “postorder”. :)

don’t know … www.thomann.de … also in swedish …

Thanks Mads

That site was really great! Finally some structure!

Ok, bought a new PC some weeks ago. I went for the nForce2 chipset beacuse of it’s excellent onboard audiocard. (that is, excellent considering it is a onboard card =)

Well, it turned out to be broke. The right channel output is dead and I don’t wan’t to bother with sending the whole mainboard back just beacuse of this. I was going to buy a better soundcard anyway.

So now… I don’t need the “cream of the crop” but I want a decent affordable card. First I was thinking about going with the Delta 44 card but I noticed it had no midi in/out… So now I’m considering the Audiophile 2496.

I haven’t got any hardware except a keyboard so I don’t need alot of inputs or outputs.

Can anyone recomend this card… or maybe suggest another one in the price range $200-$300.

If you don’t need channels, Delta44 is obviously overkill.
But remember that you can use the onboard midi connections even if you use another soundcard.