Where do installed tools appear?

I have installed Rubberband/timestretch tool, but cant find it on the UI - any ideas where it appears?


Right click in sample editor?

It depends entirely on the tool itself. Some will add a nice clear entry under Tools in the main menu, while others may only appear in context menus related to the area of Renoise they operate upon. Some may only be invoked through key bindings which you’ll need to assign yourself in the keyboard preferences. Usually the tool’s description will mention where to look, what you need to do, and so on.

In the case of the Rubberband tool, it should appear in the sample editor’s context menu, when right-clicking (or command-clicking on Mac) the sample waveform itself.

Taken from the description on the Rubberband tool page:

Inserts “Timestretch…” and “Pitch Shift…” entries into the Process submenu in the Sample Editor.