Where Do You Record Your Automation?

So, how do you do it?
I’m thinking about using the editor for single changes and the envelopes for gradual changes…

All effect slides with envelopes. Sudden changes with the editor, so I just have to put the start value at the first line of the pattern and the value I want it to be where I want it.

Generally Automation as it is not limited to 256 values like the pattern data is, giving much more precision.

I do exactly this, including using pattern values to set initial values for the song, usually in a dedicated very small silent pattern at the geginning of the song

hey, never thought of doing that. thanks for the tip!

i used to record automation through the envelopes, but lately i’ve been doing it in the pattern. i do it through the pattern so i can see what is going on more clearly. i usually have the dsp-devices tab focussed and just want to see what’s going on without switching to the automation tab.
of course, this would all change if taktik would get around to making the automation curves show up in the pattern editor:

(note the timestamp as well)

In general, I place my automation in the pattern editor. But then, I really don’t like having to leave the pattern editor for anything in the compositional phase if I don’t have to.

Mostly in envelope, thats becouse I see in it great GATE, like in this moogluxus vst :)

All of it, anything and everything I can into the envelope editor.

All of it, anything and everything I can into the envelope editor.

vst and hardware automation =envelope
column = effects commands (duh) lfo resets etc