Where I Found Alpha4?

Since I deleted alpha4 and installed a5 which doesnt seem to work right on my machine.
Help :eek:

please, email it to me or something…

get the updated alpha5 installer and try again

No, not working right.
Please, give me that a4.

the funny thing about an alpha cycle is to find bugs. could you be please a little bit more informative about “not working anymore” ?

(download link to alpha4 via mail)

I tell you when Im finished with that a4 song.

The link you gave me doesnt work, please give another one.

this link works.

login into the user area first, then use the link.

No, it doesnt. please give me direct link to the .exe. Explorer says cant find the target.

explorer? ouch

Seems the alpha5 version is working allright, but your computer is a bit of B#$%tch!

(no offense btw! :D )

No offense, but what do you think an alpha version is?