Where Is It Going ?


i didnt come to this forum for some good months…so what i would like to know is, what are the future plans for renoise ?

if this has been posted before please give me some links to the threads…

thanks in advance…

I believe one link is enough:
the front page contains news about the next version.

I can think of quite a few artist who mainly use renoise for production that are well known and sell records and cds. When people are using the program for commercial releases, I consider it to be a professional product. :)

having said that, i know of quite a few well known artists, not least Dev Paradox, and a slew of videogame composers who use OctaMED running on an Amiga

but yeah, i’d certainly say Renoise is one of the few products truely deserving of the “professional” tag

Ableton Live certainly isn’t… it’s a great product, with some great features, but so many weak links - the quality of fx/processing, the quirks and the audio engine quality, are really not worthy of a product you’re expected to part with money for (let alone the ridiculous price tag they put on it)

i think a professional product needs to maintain a certain standard throughout - i’m really impressed with the quality of renoise’s stock processing… even in SX3 and Logic they’re very hit and miss (… and more often miss tbh)

my only little complaint with Renoise would be the skippy MIDI timing… fine for most instrument parts, but really too loose for drums

OctaMED and an Amiga prolly would be a better choice at the moment if you were using a h/w sampler or two (which i’d like to sometimes)