Where Is Martinal?

Where is Martinal ?

it is from much time that I do not see it on the forum!!!

it’s Closed in yours studio for make PianoRoll v.1.0 ? :)

Martin is busy with his studies at the moment.

He will be back soon, but his role is still unsure because of his spare time probably being less than how it was in the past

I’m right here --> :w00t:

As IT said, I’ve been busy with studies (and some work, and life in general).
And at the moment I’m busy with having vacation from those same studies. :P

How much time I’ve got to spare next year is an open question,
I’ll just have to see how much is left after more important things.

What can be possibly more important than Renoise?? :blink:

working with recording possiblity for sample editor? :P harhar happy holidays!!! robert

i miss martinal. :(

i know people have to move on to wherever it is they feel they’re supposed to be, but i hope you can find time to stick it out with us.