Where is my VST?

I was using ElementFX VST3 plugin (somehow VST2 in this case works bad / crashes). And I saved some chains contains this plugin.

Now is funny part - I don’t see this plugin on list anymore! I see VST2 version only, BUT when I load chain with that plugin (VST3 version) - it works and it’s visible!

I was trying to rename file in Common Files\VST3 folder (or even duplicate it) but no luck there. Still VST3 version is missing for no reason (was visible before).

did you try to uninstall and reinstall ElementFX ?

Do you try that and it works?
I’m not looking for guessing. If plugin works without issues and I can load chain with this plugin, then it’s not plugin fault.

UPDATE: Somehow plugin change its name, probably my fault. Now I must figure out why.

I’m not Nostradamus. I’m just giving you advice about how to troubleshoot problems in a simple way.
First thing I do when something’s not working is puting it on and off. Like a TV in my house or an other device. It’s the same for windows. Uninstall and reinstall, it’s just a plugin and it will take 5 mins off your time. And then… If it that does’t work, you can examine further on. That’s troubleshooting.

Anyway, no thanks though.

Advice must have at least small chance for success. If plugin contains .dll file only, then “reinstalling it” means basically delete and copy the same file to the same place. And I said that I copied .dll again (even with different name).

I like when people try to help, but if we’re talking about computer stuff, too many people trying to help without enough experience and internet is full of useless advices (like “reinstall Windows” every problem etc. - sure, that may help, but it’s workaroud, not a fix).

You don’t must be Nostradamus to know what may be wrong. It’s like being experienced car mechanic who may know sometimes what is wrong with your car based only on your description of a problem. If you have problem with ignition, he will never ask you to replace tires.