Where is old effect "Filter" in 3.1?


I’m beginner in Renoise and i just upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1. I would like to use effect “Filter” but I can’t find it anymore. I found “Analog Filter” and Digital Filter" but there no Filter anymore. If I load the Tutorial song Ducking for instance, I can see this effect “Filter” on the effect list of the kick but I can’t find it in my effect list.

Is this nromal? Should I use the two others instead? But I would like to use Filter if possible, how can I do this in 3.1?

Thanks in advance for your answers.



The filter was upgraded in 3.1 to the Analog and Digital filter devices…they sound much better than the old filter, so yes I’d recommend using them.

Just save old filters in doofer or fx chain and you can load it in 3.1

Thanks for the answers and the hint!

That’s the tool I had in mind when I found the other. Couldn’t remember the name.

Thanks again, I searched for this ffx tool but couldn’t find this one.
Thanks for the link.