Where Is Saboteur?

Hey, anyone remember Saboteur?

The dude with the big beats, lots of distortion and the nice melodies?

Kinda miss that guy…

Anybody know where he’s hiding?

great game for the c64

dunno the guy, google? :)

I googled for: saboteur renoise

…and found him:


From the looks of it he’s alive and kicking. B)

@jonas the plugexpert:
You’ve brought up nice memories. :)

hey thanks!

gonna contact him see whats going on.

Hey! waves

Funny topic to read for me :D I’m surprised anyone remembers little old me, since I typically just released some stuff but never really got involved with the community… :)

Seems I’m on a multi-year writer’s block. Work, school, even drinking (ok - it’s mostly drinking), seem to override tracking as a priority for me. :P

That aside… what are you doing yourself? I meant to look your recent songs up in the songs page but realized there’s no artist name search function :P

Cool to see ur still around sab!

Your tunes were tracks I always looked forward to listening to when they were put out on the songs page. Kinda miss that.

yeah i’m kind of on a writers block myself.

Got better vsts and vstis than ever, but what does it help when ur creativity bails out on you.

I’ve got work and school too, at least you’re drinking! hehe.

Made a tune called “Based on a shroom story”.
Just google it up.

Well I saw your homepage is still up and running, that’s good.

Just make sure you don’t fall out of the whole make-music thing, cuz you’ve got talent. And some of the tunes you made really stuck to my head, had me humming them at work.