Where Is The Preferences Folder?

At the top of https://code.google.com/p/xrnx/source/browse/trunk/GlobalOscActions.lua

I’ve been trying to find this, do I need to make this directory?

oh I have another question too.

if, I am able to have this file: https://code.google.com/p/xrnx/source/browse/trunk/GlobalOscActions.lua

in a preferences folder, will I be able to execute that file and the changes I made come into renoise with out reloading renoise?

open renoise-press help-go to preferences

Oh man thanks s-n-s! I had no clue that was indeed the folder!

Hmm, just tested, it doesn’t load GlobalOscActions.lua if I put it in the prefs folder.

This is where renoise takes me when I do Help>>Show Preferences folder…


Should have been a bit more specific. You have to mirror the whole folder structure. For GlobalOscActions.lua its:


Hi Taktik, actually after I posted that last post I went back and did some reading at the xrnx site and found where to place it. but it still doesn’t load.
this is the example of where I have it: C:\Program Files (x86)\Renoise 2.6.0\Scripts\GlobalOscActions.lua

looking at it I would think the problem might be C:\Program Files (x86)\Renoise 2.6.0\Scripts\GlobalOscActions.lua

I’ve noticed this breaking some functions of programs; really bad idea I think of M$'s.

windows 7 ult

64 bit

I wrote the wrong location of the mirror above:

it has TestPad.lua in it and the directory Tools
do I also need GlobalMidiActions.lua in there also?

That sounds like the better place.
You are best off simply clicking “Help -> Show preferences folder” and there go to the Scripts folder.
This trick should work on any platform.

Hi vV, what I meant is, it doesn’t work.

I should have 10 more entries in the OSC Prefs, but I only have the defaults.
Should this be moved to the bug section?

What I did was remove the 10 more entries from the original.
C:\Program Files (x86)\Renoise 2.6.0\Scripts\GlobalOscActions.lua
is default.

has the 10 entries + default entries.

I can get to both from the Stripting editor like I should but only the default is loaded.

Can someone explain, how they actually got this to work? :unsure:

I opened renoise >> help >> open preferences >> finder location/scripts/ >> copy and pasted GlobalOscActions into it.
went to the terminal, removed actions from the file they were in before, saved it. (this is for testing purposes so I know it’s actually working or not working in this case)

closed renoise, opened renoise>>prefs>>OSC, entries not there.

Thing is the entries ARE in the file I copy and pasted to the prefs/scripts folder, but they are not loaded.
Do I have this completely skewed?
Was all of this just a highly confusing way of telling us to just make a backup?

Ah, [strike]COPY[/strike] “MOVE”