Where Should I Start From?

dear beginner,
welcome to the world of trackers.

this post will contain the common suggestions which should let you gather as much info as needed to learn the basics of Renoise, get free samples, become a smarter and inspired composer.

Beginners Tutorial Video:

for those who prefer videos or are new to composing music with software, have a look at the Beginners Tutorial please. it will show you how to compose a song in Renoise, step by step.

Tracking knowledge:

first of all the tutorial pages contain extensive information regarding Renoise usage, and the complete manual. Please pay particular attention to the list of effect commands which are explained in detail here.

To get quickly going, the Quickstart section has been improved since Renoise V2.0, a PDF edition of the Quickstart guide is downloadable here

here there also are tutorial videos by other users which can help you understanding concepts and tricks.

our Renoise Blog covers many topics of Renoise usage, along with interviews and other info.

other ticks directly written by everyday users are available in the t&t forum section

Audio resources:

need samples? check out this thread

also, if you are a registered user, don’t forget to login into the backstage to download the samples kit available to the registered users!

here there are two sites exclusively dedicated to exchange of Renoise instruments:
Reuse Loop project

wanna hear music done with Renoise? check out the songs section(Xrns and mp3 songs from various competitions included), and don’t forget to check the demosongs out! They are saved in the “Songs” subfolder of your Renoise installation.

also, LongTrack Project is an interesting extended song (more than 70 minutes long!) which covers lots of styles and tracking techniques.

have a nice time tracking!

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Nice post Itty, I might blog this if it hasn’t been done already…

Not just for beginners, here’s a nice reminder for all. :)

just noticed, long track project link is broken, just for info.

Damn, I was wondering if there were any good forums to get to know renoise. Astonishing post that will keep me busy for the next week or longer. Thanks and see you later lol ;)

hi, got to grips with most functions, cant work out how to input codes for velocity, retrigger etc, n the videos and manuals iv read dont seem very helpful. any help would be appreicated.

The rules for Velocity are applicable as if you would be using a MIDI instrument: The velocity values range from 0 to 128 in the MIDI world and in Hex (the value Renoise works with) this is 0 to $80 ($10 = 16 → 8 times 16 = 28)

Other effect commands like retrig work with divisions of “ticks” set in the “Song settings” in Renoise.
Each row is divided into an equal amount of “Ticks” that is set there. The default value is 12 (12 positions on that row) and a retrig effect would for instance retrig an instrument 12 times on that row if you would give a 0E0B command. The hexadecimal value for $0B has a decimal value of 11, but value $00 counts as one value as well as the sample always starts to play at position 0 on that row so if you count from value 00 up to $0b (11) your counter ticks twelve times.

The majority of older commands in the dedicated effect column are tick-related while lots of commands in the vol/pan/delay column use a resolution as in the MIDI world or use a resolution up to 256 values (delay column)

It is a matter of experimenting a lot with the demosongs and trying out stuff yourself by recording with your MIDI keyboard to see what happens.

Also a quickstart guide has been recently added… download the PDF edition here and toy with it:

You will catch the drift quick enough and for those areas that keep blurry:keep asking

hey i just dowloaded the demo version of renoise and had a few questions,as im a total beginner here with interest in making music but no experience in using such software etc im relatively ill informed :(

:is it worth my while to get the full version or shud i fiddle with the demo before i get the full version?

as i said im a total nebie to the whole thing so any help would be sweet or jst pointer to get me started and as im not used to it reference to stuff eg ticks and values are sumwhat pointless as i have no idea what they are or where to start

hope 2 hear 4rm ye all soon thanks:)

The demo version is a great way to start. Buy renoise when you fall in love with it. Read help for some help http://www.renoise.com/help/ try the demo tunes, post questions to the forum, people are helpful here (but try to search before you post…). Best of luck!

Majority of the links are broken. T^T I wanna hear the beatbattles please

please try this torrent file for BB5 entries


As a total newbie to Renoise I find the Pattern Effects Reference Card very helpful to have around. What I found strange is that it is missing information on the M and Q effects. :huh:

Q is a deprecated command, (use the delay column when you can)

M requires special attention because these have to be inserted in the last notecolumn of a track. You can quickly mistaken an Mx command to be inserted in just any note-column whereas the midi command value has to be inserted in the effect column hence there can only be send a midi effect command to one instrument at a time, because the effect columns don’t relate to the notecolumns and there are maximum differences between notecolumns and effect columns (12 vs 8).

Hey It-Alien, some links aren’t working anymore, and maybe need to be fixed. Cheerz.

Alright, thanks for the info! :lol:


some links are dead !

<our techblog, Renoise in:depth covers topics regarding every aspect of Renoise usage>

I know that thread is pretty old, but in depth link is dead also.