Where To Buy Drumloops?

I’m looking for someplace to buy drumloops for approx $10~$30
Is there anyone who now any place to find that (pop/punk loops) in ok quality?
If they got instant download that would be a plus.

Thanks for your help

you can buy all my drumloops for 20 euros, I dont accept dollars anymore
they’re all full surround 12.1 44kHz blue-ray funk/hiphop/drum&bass/drummachine

seriously though… the net is full of free downloadable wave/flac/aiff drumloops for you to find :)

dandruff, search the net, there is plenty to be found, also legal :slight_smile:

I actually found a cheap source of drum loops.
http://www.dooleydrums.com seems to have what I need to the right price.
(I don’t mind paying a buck or two, it get’s me to use the stuff I payed for :P)





Bought 6 cd’s from there. 10/15 euro per CD (15/22$). Check out their free VSTi plugin too.