Where to download Fonts for windows

hi crew if any of you knows of a cool site for download font for windows

please comment below :slight_smile:

i found some pretty awesome ones already but are from sites that you need to …bounce from 3 to 4 pages to actually download the file

any useful site please put it below :slight_smile:


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I get most of my “interesting” fonts from either http://dafont.com/ or http://urbanfonts.com/ . These are good for display/logo/header purposes (and some of them require manual kerning). I second the suggestion for Google Fonts if you need a “bread” font, something not quite default-looking, but “normal” enough to be readable for a paragraph or more. The Google font directory is intended for websites (obviously), but they have a lot of great clean-looking readable fonts for print purposes as well.

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@triple zero

thanks bro :slight_smile:

This one seems cool too:

a bit off-topic but here is are a bunch of demoscene fonts :star_struck:

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Here is a french website that references font websites based on submissions so it could grow quickly.


ATM, it’s something like 9500 fonts