Where to find sample libraries of old school style dance vocals?

Anyone know some good ones? I already have the Datafile and X-Static Goldmine stuff, and that’s the kind of thing I’m looking for - old school house/dance vocal samples, like the stuff you hear in Haddaway or similar. Having a hard time finding samples like that, these days it’s mostly “vocal chops” and mediocre accapellas etc. Thanks!

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Ah… I used some X-static Goldmine CDs too into early 2000, very nice sample librairy!
Maybe you can check some Zero-G old samples CDs like this: Dance Vocals

(note I don’t have this one, but this Zero-G collection was well produced).


funny you have and use it because I too use Datafile 1 - 3 and Xtatic Goldmine.

I love the drum loops on that and one shots like kicks, snares, hh. Those vocals samples are good for Rave Techno…

There’s a disc called "XX Large " that I like from 97 but it’s soo hard to get.

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I’d search for acapella 90ies at youtube and rip them.

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you can look at ejay collection…vocals are not great…but…

Hopefully I’m not late, but there are plenty on here:

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