Where To Get Ragga Acapellas

i’m getting ahead of myself here, but how is this done? this is surely something that a lot of ppl don’t want to share. i have this four disc sample library called “12000 raggacore,” which is all over ebay, and it f****in’ sucks. generic ass one liners that are totally weak.

i saw online where tester (easily the biggest ragga jungle producer in atlanta) answered this question for someone else by recommending acapellas4u.co.uk. it got my hopes up, but it’s lame as hell.

how is this done? do you just prove yourself as a producer, then get online and start contacting the rawest motherfvckas in london/haiti/kingston/ny/south africa/whatever? do you just pull the j out of their mouth or steal their coke or bust their 40 on the ground and pull out a mic? if you can’t get an entire acapella, it’s not even worth doing IMO.

you might want to try ccmixter.org but i don’t know for sure.
Lots of artists worldwide offer acapella’s under CC license there.

You might also want to lay off the quasi-racist banter.

dude. they could be purple or neon clear as far as i care. it was about how to piss off mean ppl in night clubs. this is a black city, so i have plenty of black friends. i’ve never upset a single blk person w/ “quazi-racist banter.” they do it too. whatever. i love it when they make cracks at white ppl. it’s funny as hell. the only ppl i’ve ever upset with “quazi-racist banter” is white people.

oh no, i feel so horrible for pissing off some white people. i think the world is coming to an end. however will i live w/ myself for offending these fragile little white ppl.


decent raggacapellas are hard to come by
still, somehow I managed to collect a shitload
of angry zionists expressing their love for the
herb and their despise of the white man.

most of em I got off a friend, who savored them
beyond anything else, it’s as if every ragga/jungle
producer treats their acapella’s like their lovedolls.

but ofcourse, I’m an awesome guy (HA HA) and
I don’t mind sharing a few. PM me your email and
I’ll upload a package somewhere this week.