Where'd the audio goooooo

Do you ever record an audio file and haven’t set it to go into the sample bank? Where is that file. Helppppp. Surely its very simple.

What do you mean?

When you save a track all the audio files are in the xrni file

If you are using:

  • File->Record New Sample

But don’t have “Create new instrument” checked off,
then the new recording gets saved into the sample
area of the “Currently active instrument slot”.

Hey Jek. Acutally nothing is showing up in any instrument slot. In the samples column on the left under Sampler it says No samples present. Am I missing something here?

How do I find the audio files in the xrni file? In the project the recorded sample just disappears.

You must click stop then done in the pop up window when you record in the sampler,maybe you forgot it

Yeah I always click done. I record this way a lot and usually don’t have problems. Before I ticked off the save to instrument slot I lost a bunch of takes that I want to find.

If you unzip the xrni ,its a zip file basically maybe the takes are there