Which Audiodamage Plug-in

after buying renoise i wanted myself new effect plug

i will wait on buying olga for awhile

but i have heard alot good about the audiodamga stuff
and because i can only buy one more plug,which of these would you choose to buy first

Ricochet is a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use multi-tap delay, with the signature Audio Damage sound.

Vapor is a new-style diffusion chorus, for adding shimmer to lifeless sounds or for extreme experimental modulation.

Fluid is an analog-modeled chorus, thick and juicy.

Liquid is a through-zero flanger, for true blast-from-the-past jet plane flanging. If you’re looking for a software flanger that sounds like real flanging, look no further

Dr. Device
Two hi-octane effects in one! Analog style filter and delay.

Replicant is a delay-based effect in the “beat slicer/looper” vein, with some tricks of its own that separate it from the herd. From a simple delay or panning effect, on up to massive random beat mangling, Replicant is a capable plugin well in line with today’s modern electronic music styles.

Add some space to your tracks with Reverence, a vintage-style digital reverb effect with the thick plate sound of early hardware units.

Discord v2
Discord 2 is a sophisticated vintage-style pitch shifter and delay, capable of everything from subtle chorus and “ADT” effects on up to extreme barber-pole pitch glissandos and wild special effects.

914 Fixed Filter Bank
The Audio Damage 914 Fixed Filter Bank is a faithful recreation of the Moog Modular Synthesizer’s 914 module, and a major upgrade to our original 907A plugin. This plugin creates unique filter textures by passing the signal through twelve band-pass filters, as well as a low-pass and high-pass filter.

Audio Damage’s BigSeq is a tempo-based gating and filter effect, perfect for modern music’s syncopated rhythms. Heavily informed by old-school analog sequencers, BigSeq is capable of both subtle stereo tremolo effects and hardcore signal manipulation, and everything in between.

thanx in advance

I don’t have any of the Audio Damage effects, but maybe you want to save a little more and get Tone2 Filterbank3, a multi FX VST. Try the demo, i’m using it in nearly all my songs.


it looks great,i will try the demo.thanx

and i can recommend you the audiodamage plugins,all of them are great

They don’t offer any demos, so i’ve never really looked at them so far. Kinda skeptic about the money back thing they offer. Meanwhile i’m set on plugins anyway. :)

no its a shame they dont offer demos(ive heard that its because the demos got cracked,so they stopped)but they get massive probs and they are cheap too

btw can you recommend me some good plugins that works great in renoise :D

Well, good really depends on what you’re after, but i have a list of all my installed VST online, maybe you find something.


nice thanx,have you tried the new voxengo saturator,its quite good

i wanted to buy the crysonic limiter,but alot of people are complaining about that company,so i will buy barricade pro limiter when it comes out

im also gonna get the Gflux stuff

im a poor bastard so im buying a little every month,anything on your list thats a MUST-HAVE?

Haven’t tried the Voxengo Saturator yet. In case i need saturation, mainly for drums, i’m using TesslaSE (free) or a normal distortion or even Guitar Amp plug dialed in very softly. I also remember having tried out a saturation plugin from TbT, which sounded really nice, but it had to go while i’ve downsized my collection.

I’d also stay away from Crysonic, sold all plugs i had from them except Spectralive NXT, which i’ve kept for compatibility with some older projects. When i have converted them i’ll ditch or sell it too. Though i doubt i’ll get a good price for it with all their promos running. At least Spectralive is a real CPU hog too.

Regarding the Gflux stuff, i think i have read something about the dev being absent at KVR, not responding to mails etc. but i might be totally wrong here and confuse it with another plugin. Maybe do a search before buying.

Well, must-haves for me are plugins, which i’m using in every song i do. Like Pristine Space Light for convolution, Elephant for Limiting, Filterbank3 for effects, Rescue (free) for Mid/Side processing. And a bunch of compressors like Stardust (free) and Blockfish (free).

If you’re on a budget and looking for synths you might like Oatmeal (free) or Cobalt (very cheap). For EQs you might try IIEQPro (works really good) and LP10 (not well usable in Renoise due to heavy latency), which you can get at a price you decide.

Also keep an eye on the KVR Marketplace forum, got a lot of my stuff used at a good price there.

thanx that LP10 looks good,but you say it isent much useable in renoise??is that because renoise doesent have delay compensation??or what??

btw whats the difference between the IIEQ PRO and the LP10??

Yes, LP10 has a pretty huge delay of over 12000 samples. When rendering and only using it on the master bus it’s not that important, but while tracking and hitting play to preview things that delay was still kinda annoying.

IIEQPro is an everyday tracking EQ and LP10 is meant to be used while mastering, needs more CPU due to different filters, big latency, but has adjustable phase response to prevent ringing in higher bands. Try the demos and read the manual.

i will try the demos of those 2 today,and if they work good on my 1,70ghz 2gb ram laptop,i think i will buy them

btw how much is 35 euro cents??

Not sure what you mean with this, 35 euro cents is the minimum fee Paypal takes, so you should choose a price higher than this. Just assuming now… if you really want to buy them, think a bit about their value. Similar EQs cost usualy more than 50$. Support an independant developer, he has surely put a fair amount of work into these. Even a broke person can afford something like 5 to 10 euros. That’s just my opinion of course.

Also it seems to me you’re pretty new to making music, so why don’t you use the internal effects for now instead of collecting plugins? There is enough free stuff around to learn with.

thanx for you help,you wrong about me being new to making music(check my myspace and releases)but im certainly new to using trackers,therfore all the nOOb questions :rolleyes: