Which controller is best?

Hi all - first post here

I’d been using renoise a little a few years ago before swapping to ableton. I’m now rediscovering the joys of renoise and wondering how best to go about getting some hands on control.

I’ve got Push and an APC40 mk2 which I’d like to use if possible. Im not very scripting minded (yet) apart from just using the midi mapping and saving templates is there any way to exploit them further? I have the launchpad tool but have sold the hardware - really liked step sequencing with it - any way to do the same with Push?

So whats possible? what isn’t possible? how far can I get towards ditching Ableton but retaining the hands on integration?

Any controllers out there that are close enough to plug and play?

Many thanks in advance for any answers / help

Hi all.

im new to this forum.
played a litle with ft2, buzz and scream tracker yeeeaaars ago. but been inactive for ca 20yrs.
how ever i got new inspiration and looking into renoise.

got a good old roland a-30 but wish to add a pad and knob thing.
somthing like akai apc40, but is dedicated to ableton and wonder if it will work properly with renoise or
what alternative is best for renoise?
i would think my previous experience with trackers would make renoise my choice choice of daw,
but lack of my knowledge and that i can get the apc40 cheap makes me consider consider this ableton/akai solutions.
please give me a good advice so i can stick to the tracker format there is lot of other pads i can get 2nd hand,

but i dont know what to look for?

thanx J.B.

p.s. and ofcourse i will get a license if i chose this daw…