Which font file is used for the general GUI text?


is the font “DejaVuSans” in .app/Contents/Resources/Skin/Fonts also used for the general GUI text? EDIT: Seems not for all elements?

At 175% scaling with a 28 inch 4k monitor, the font antialiasing makes the font look extremely thin, almost unreadable (very unusual in comparison to the usual macos font smoothing):

Using a dilettantish modified font (making it bolder) it looks a bit better readable, but not crisp:
DejaVuSans mod.ttf.xrns (1.8 MB) (remove .xrns)

Is there a way to change the scaling of the main GUI font?

A bigger font size would be much better readable, using the same spacing. I am unable to scale the font properly:

@ffx Have you restarted Renoise after changing the scale? Sometimes the font does not display correctly until restarting, at least in Windows 10.

Not a problem on macos, I just modified it badly, borders need to be realigned.