Which Linux Distro?

Which linux distro are you guys running when using Renoise? I’ve been trying to get Renoise to work on Kubuntu 8.10, but I’ve had nothing but problems.

Whenever I try to run Renoise with Alsa I get one of these errors:

Failed to open the ALSA device ‘hw:0,0 (RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632)’ (SetupHWParameters failed)


Failed to open the ALSA device ‘hw:0,0 (RME Hammerfall HDSP 9632)’ (Device or Resource busy)

However if I try to run Jack and launch Renoise it crashes my X session.

I’m kind of lost on this since I’m still pretty new to Linux audio, but I’d like to figure out how to get it up and running so any suggestions or tips are appreciated.

try with Ubuntu Studio 8.04 (not 8.10) or Linux Mint 6, they are quite simple distro aimed at multimedia.

about your issues: the first one may indicate that there is something wrong in your soundcard configuration, while the second usually means that you are already using the audio in another application; this normally is not a problem with Linux, but some people (me included) have this issue with Renoise only.

Thanks for the recommendations. I think part of my problem is coming from Pulseaudio which seems to be sitting between my interface and Renoise, but I haven’t really figured out what the work around for it is.

yes this is most likely due to the introduction of Pulseaudio. Indeed, many Renoise users said that the best Ubuntu version to use with Renoise is actually 7.10, which, as far as I can remember, does not have Pulseaudio

You can kill off pulseaudio with a command: pulseaudio -k

But generally it shouldn’t be holding the audio device unless any of the software is using it.

Yeah that’s what I figured too, but nothing else seems to be running on my system that would be using my interface when I try to launch Renoise.

I’ll have to try killing pulseaudio off when I get home. I’m stuck on my work laptop at the moment. :walkman:

I have Ubuntu 7.10, had Ubuntu Studio for a while but had to reformat the whole computer and I couldn’t be bothered to download it again so now I’m on 7.10 again. I upgraded to 8.04 and 8.10 later and everything went to shit and nothing worked, neither ALSA or Jack, I couldn’t even listen to music without it suddenly stopping playing and eventually forcing me to reboot.

So I installed 7.10 again and everything is working fine.

I’m currently using ubuntu 8.04.2 (64bit) with the rt kernel, and would thoroughly recommend it. If you want to use jack go for the 32bit version. I did try 8.10 for a while but there are too many unresolved issues with the rt kernel for that version. 8.04 is solid.

Is Mint good for Renoise? Is anyone using it?

I’m still having problems with Ubuntu Studio 8.04. I get no sound from Firefox Flash Player plugin and running Renoise with Jack causes my sound go like through LofiMat effect.
Also tried 7.10 and 8.10. Nothing better. And I’m unable to find any help on these problems.