Which Osx Editor Can Handle Renoise's Clipboard

hi, mickrip recently informed me that one can copy a sample to clipboard on sforge and paste it into renoise. and one can copy a sample to clipboard in renoise, and paste it into soundforge.

how do i do this same thing with osx? renoise->soundtrackpro didnt work, renoise->audacity didnt work. where do i go? what do i do?

The application needs to support the system clipboard. I know Audacity does not support this so that’s why it won’t work with Audacity for sure. Don’t know about soundtrack pro though.

Sorry, this is a Windows only feature for now.

Reference: https://forum.renoise.com/t/renoise-2-0-public-beta-testing-starts/23049

Yes, I simply have found no “standard” for this on OSX which we could use…
Every sample editor I tested on OSX does its own thing here, most used binary, application private formats for the sample data.