Which Renoise Users Are On Myspace.com?

It would be cool to see what kind of artwork and profile Renoise users choose to add to their music when going public. Also to see how much the users differs in style.

Alot of people have checked out my band since I joined one week ago, I´ve become “friends” with Ennio Morricone, Warp Records, Jean Michel Jarre + + + , it seems to be a good way to push your stuff for free!

Check out mine:



Hmm… I don’t like myspace because in my humble opinion it’s too slow for me.

I notice it is very slow when I have my firewall enabled.

When I am feeling daring and open it up, it’s quite fast.

Great place to network.


I have two pages there, links are in my sig, but I dont like it too much, seems more of an dating/here-I-am page with some small space set aside for musicians. and I think that those pages by famous artists are not really by those famous artists.


Hey Ninja Massacre! Cool that you are from Umeå, I dig Refused.

Greets from Norway.


meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :ph34r:



Hey Terrain!

Nice list of influences you got there. Verdi, Death and all in between… So nice with people mixing genres. Is everything done with Renoise or have you done post recording/processing also?


i can never remember my login or password. im not sure if i have 2 accounts or if their the same account?@!?!

but mine is http://myspace.com/mashive

i think B)

myspace is for teenagers to post their shitty poetry

I bet you want to use it sooo bad. :lol:

link to my teenage poetry page is in my sig…

By the way- the idea is that you make a page and post your music and talk to the hot bad poetry writing chicks… then comes what makes even having to admit that you use myspace worthy- plenty of one night stands. You should create an account, you can see the fruits of my labor by reading various comments left by some HOTT chicks I had the pleasure of fooling around with. But I warn you there are some psychotic women on there who will write bad poetry about you in their blogs if you cross them the wrong way.


Everything done with Renoise :)
3 tracks released and 4th getting released really soon.

Looking at the bands you mentioned, I think that was addressed to me. (Verdi, Death, etc)

I do most everything in renoise. Sometimes edit samples in Sound Forge, but that’s about it.

Otherwise everythins is renoise based.

Hiyya, fellow Norwegian!

Please drop by


great song
nothing beats a real band

Checked it out, supercool sound! Hope we share stage sometime :)

Greets from Oslo.


www.myspace.com/rickdangerous [my band]

Myspace is better than nothing really its given me a place to exopse my music and hook up with a lot of other artist especially ones i admired in the industry. Yeah there are kids on it but well those same kids might be your fans if you get big. Myspace Is whatever you want it to be really.

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