Which Style Should We Take?

just putted some general styles in it. All according to the Renoise songpage ;)

later hmph edit
maximum entrys were 10 because of the forum

I wouldn’t bound a multi-author song to a single style, and even doing it, this could never be “easy listening”, for example…

do you ever think at listening to a one hour pop song?!
OH GEEZ!! :wacko:

I vote for “Alternative” then, because at least it means “None of the above” :)

I could not vote because of a permission error which now Evention has fixed.

Just setting a voting deadline.

13th Oktober - 17th Oktober (2003 of course :P )
good or good?

Ok Premium Trance, you are the boss here B)

Btw, I’ve already voted for electronic… :yeah:

Generally I hate it to be called that :rolleyes: but…

uh… wait

Local Chief Member… ah guess that’s why :D

Anyways, just let me know if you’re hate this timelime B)

Don’t be surprised if some walking basslines make their way in. If you’ve never heard sine waves play bebop, then hold on to your seats.
(eh, I voted elektro, figures…)

Your word in my ears. I think it would be better to definatly clear before what, if we’re using only one genre or doing a genremix!? :blink:

I think that, as I’ve already said, such a long song can’t be restricted to a single genre.

Also consider that a lot of people will contribute to it, each with their ideas.

Personally, I can’t stand to compose a song which remains on the same style for more than 3 minutes, would I ever be able to listen to a one hour hiphop song? :lol:

Deadline is reached.

Vote or do whatever with this poll now :P (maybe It-Alien could close the whole thread before :ph34r: ?)

Since the most votes are for the Electronic-Genre I would heavily suggest to go for it then because I think this is not gonna be boring (because of those many subgenres) :)

This should even try to satisfy It-Alien :rolleyes:

This sounds nice, but what does the others say if we’re going to limit some styles. I don’t know. :unsure: Generally this would be good in my opinion too but I guess we’ve still to think about the other composers who don’t wanted to be limited.

Anyway I just ask now :):
So would everyone agree that we’re using any subgenre that the chosen style offers???

I agree…

I think it’s time to write down the list of composers who want to partecipate

yup, but I think we shouldn’t have more as 10-13 artists. :)