Which version sounds better?

Here are two versions of a song, only different in subtle eq-ing. My goal was to limit the bandwidth in the mix to have more space, but not to have ugly resonance spikes afterwards.

Version A has a bit more resonance:


Version B a bit less (here press soundcloud link below and listen there, inline doesn’t work):


EDIT: You need to play Version B directly on soundcloud by clicking the link below the song, since the forum doesn’t seem to support private soundcloud links…

What version sounds better on your setup? Do you have some general thoughts for me?


Version B: This track is currently not available :wink:

My initial though was B sounded crisper and sharper but then I went back to A and I wasn’t so sure. I voted with my first impression but it’s hard not being able to download both and switch between them a bit quicker.

? Damn. How does this work with the private links in soundcloud? Strange. Are these one-time-use only?

Garf: You need to click on the link below Version B, listening directly on Soundcloud.

Meef: I enabled the download! Thx.

I prefer Ver A, more 80’s cheesy sound. May be you could add some little phatness :wink:

Ver B is more modern sound approach, it doesnt suits the feel/mood/idea of the song.

I voted A. I think especially when you listen to the part where the guitar kicks in at 1:12 A sounds juicier. Yes i definately vote A.

Cool track btw, have you ever thought about adding vocals? It works well without, but i think some cool 80s vocals would be great.

I love the way much of your music sounds more 80’s than 80’s music. :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha ok. Thanks.

Think I’ll go for A as well on second thoughts :slight_smile: