White Noise Generator

Renoise is missing a native white noise generator… not any longer. :) This setup is a simple white noise generator, using a tiny fake sample and native DSPs only, generating nearly perfect white noise.

Because of the DC offset I advise you to activate the generator silently, some lines BEFORE you use it and keep the noise running as a constant feed all the time. Otherwise this might result in disturbing DC offset and frequencies during the inertia phase of the DC Offset device.

Tip: Use only 1 Generator for your whole setup. Just expand the device chain by some Send DSPs and do your magic on the send channels then. To avoid layering purely cloned noise, just put a delay (see example) between your several Sends. Of course the signal has to pass all Delays, before you can use it on every Send channel then.

The example demonstrates the feeding several Send channels with “different” noise.

The plain DSP chain for the simple generator can be found on “Generator”, taking no action in the demo. Remember to also copy the Fake Sample, if you use it! :)

Download (Be careful! This might be loud! :ph34r: )

sweeet. good work.