White Noise Sample In Renoise Default Sample Pack?

Yes they can be included in binaries cause they have a MIT license which permit binary only releases.

I use mda TestTone sometimes to calibrate my speakers and so on. But I’m not sure about the quality of the noise / randomness. E.g. I cross-checked MDA’s pink noise with Wavelab 5.0 generated pink noise using a decent spectrum analyzer and got fairly different results.

So my experience is: pink noise isn’t always the same. Depends on the quality of the used random generator I guess (some people even swear for analogue pink noise generators for that reason)

ANYWAY, I’D LOVE TO SEE A HIGH QUALITY RE-NOISE TONE GENERATOR INEGRATED AS NATIVE DSP ! Such a device could use a good digital random generator, or a HQ sampled waveform.

+2 for that !

For waveforms I’ve found that site recently:

I’d love to see a nice simple native synth in Renoise
It would make createing some nice XRNI and be able to be used as a testone generator


good idea !

+1 for a native synth! :)

What about an modular like synth that come first with the basics and grows from release to release?


heres a nice tool for effects,bliips and blops AND white noise