White Noise Sample In Renoise Default Sample Pack?

You can do interesting things with white noise in Renoise; filtering it down for fancy swooshes or digital snares, filtering it up for fancy sparkle, putting reverb and phasers on it for ambience. So why isn’t there a white noise sample in the default sample pack? It would be useful, and save some time from having to get Audacity and a sample of it in your own way. You have all the basic waveforms there after all, white noise is a logical companion.

I know it’s easy to get some white noise externally and put it in, but this just seems like an odd omission.


  • all the noise colors just because it’s kewl.


good idea.

please not the brown noise, I don’t want to shit in my pants.

EDIT : otherwise +1

on the other hand, I think that if you know what a white noise is, and have an idea of what to do with it, you probably already have a white noise sample and/ora are able to create it the way you like


(though I don’t need it, have plenty stashed on the HD (end up deleting all the renoise instruments/samples/songs after install anyway :slight_smile: )).


If you want some interesting noise variations and indeed other great synth sounds dont forget to load in EXE and other non audio files as samples (They come in as raw) trick i been using since the Amiga days to get free synth noises heheh


Yeah, I have started playing around with drawing samples manually in the sample editor, looping, and playing Renoise like a synth.

Got some really huge sounds that way!

Isn’t the VST mda TestTone included in Renoise ?, it has white and pink… the way I render it is by a subtle pattern effect on its Mode.

Having spent most of my music making time over the last month or so, drawing samples into Renoise, it would be great to have a fully mulit-sampled set of samples, maybe included as a song, in Renoise.

I could stop being lazy and make it myself though. Anyone wanting a wave based instrument library to make Renoise behave like a synth, let me know, and I will make it.

renoise has never included a vst

That’s odd, I can’t seem to recollect how it got there. I must of downloaded it and later thought it came with Renoise.

The MDA are all open source now
Would be nice to see them as Renoise devices


If the license type was LGPL it would be a nice addition, unfortunately, SmartElectronix have chosen the GPL model which requires Taktik to also release the Renoise source if any of those plugins are embedded.

I’ve had Huge Success using Renoise as a programmable synth.

With solid waveforms you can make all kinds of great sounds!

Why not ‘learn’ from the source and create bpm syncable equivalents (for some plugs) unique to Renoise :) , in other words remix them for the better!

The mda VST plug-ins are released under the MIT license or under the GPL
“either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version”.

From the licence read me
To be honest that is so vague that it takes the p**s
The MIT allows this to be done but the GPL as you say VV doesn’t
Maybe somebody should contact Paul and find out what the idea is
I know he is happy enough for them to be included closed source with hosts