White Noise

Sometime ago I learned that most heavy-electro sounds that I’m looking for are accompanied (played parallel) by HPF filtered white noise. I also tried out some hihats I made from noise. Noise sweeps often hit along with crash cymbal when the bass drops in. Beautiful atmospheres can be made with filtered and modulated white noise. Noise with amp and filter envelope make for good snares also.

C’mon, noise is very common in nature like sound heard on the sea shore, rain, city hum, or space signals and stuff. It’s almost everywhere, and I haven’t appreciated it in the past as much as I do now.

So, fellow renoisers, how do you use it for your purposes? For me it can make a synth much more powerful-sounding than before, it can be a sound design tool, or something absolutely spontaneous. I’m quite keen on experimenting with it now so I’m all ears to hear what you’ve got.

Rain… in a forth-coming release.

I’ve grown to really appreciate Soniccharge’s product line, plus I think he owns a Vostok synth, the one synth I’d get if I had the funds.

I like that noise has been incorporated in each product, mixing them altogether not only gives it a nice glued sound,

but shaves off hours to days of mixing which can become frustrating as the ears get fatigued and the mind wanders off to new untested ideas.

MicroTonic’s noise generator, great sound, experimentations has led me to submarine sounds.

Synplant’s noise, if I understand the architecture proper, could be used to Frequency Modulate.

Bitspeek’s noise, quoted…

This question happens to be incredibly pertinent to my interests, and is the perfect time for me to launch into the subject. I’ll describe noise a little, and explain how I’m using noise signals in my recent projects. While the artistic process and absurdity are my most significant interests, I’m also deeply interested in the sciences and have had the fortunate coincidence of my academic life sharing a significant degree of overlap with my musical interests (perhaps only after the fact). My recent musical uses of noise don’t involve hearing the signal; more on that soon :)

I began studying noise in December of 2010 in the UCM Cognitive Mechanics Research Laboratory (Cogmech). The research revolved around the avant garde of neural network algorithms, and was part of a collective effort toward developing hardware implementations of algorithms which are structurally similar to the architecture of the mammalian brain. My particular topic of research was 1/f (one-over-f) noise, more commonly known as “pink noise”.

Since then, I’ve been fascinated by noise signals of a few types and have been implementing them into my projects not for their sound, but for their behavior. My particular uses of noise have been as sources of randomness, the major emphasis being the nuances of each signal’s probability distribution. I’ll briefly explain white and pink.

White noise. “Random” signal with an equal power (db) distribution among all frequencies. This looks like a flat line when looking at its frequency spectrum.

white noise: spectral slope = 0.

Pink noise. “DA BEST” signal. approximately -3db drop per frequency octave. Low frequencies have higher power, high frequencies have lower power.

pink noise: spectral slope = -1.

I can only touch the surface of pink noise on this forum, but it is a very interesting phenomena in that it is observed in MANY distributions throughout nature, dynamic physical systems, and in numerous dimensions of human behavior (e.g. the minor timing deviations a human will make when trying to tap a button along with a steady metronome is 1/f. the variation in amplitude between two people talking is 1/f.) Read more if you’re at all curious.

I’m currently using pink noise as a source of “ordered randomness”, negative or positive values hover around a mean value of zero to set timing-delays applied to percussion sample triggering. I scale the range to an almost sub-audible range. Pink noise does for pseudo-human what white noise did for pseudo-random.

enjoy some noise, audible or not!

tip : route white noise to multiple parallell send effects …each having a ( modulatable ) band pass filter …gives some nice spectral results

Yeah just tried it out, so much fun! Fills up a song very well, especially if mids are routed through vocoder.

Also, about what Mushen wrote. I was also wondering about mathematical and philosophic aspects of noise in general, and I see that I have muuuch to learn. I’m kinda jelly you are studying arcana of noise, and it’s your academic topic instead of hobby or stuff. Also, watch the document about melodyne’s creator, he says much about music, numbers and nature. It can be found on youtube.

Most people probably already know this one, but white noise + filter modulation is great for riser effects and transitions, or just sound fx in general.

also chiptune style drums!! works especially well for hi-hat/snare sounds.

If you’re really keen to experiment with noise, here’s some inspiration. little-scale used 1 second of white noise as the only sound source followed by manipulation for 40 minutes to produce this track in Ableton Live. Amazing stuff! :yeah:


this is a pretty damn good tune to make using any 1 second sample. there is a lot of sculpting room with white noise and the dsp standards of today, but he’s not just flexing his tech, he has great musical sensibility too. thanks for sharing!

Yeah, this one’s just outstanding.

Also, does anyone know some interesting noise generator vst’s? Now, I’m using reason 6’s thor which has noise oscillator, but anyway much is never enough.

I usually add quite a bit of audible white noise to some tracks to make them seem more analog.

E: Also, dithering.

I find putting a pair of fold distortions over a pair of sinewaves 1 semitone apart does the trick. No VSTs, no expensively long samples, easy on the CPU. Spectrograph shows a white noise signature (i.e. bumpy horizontal line).

I downloaded this the other day and am really inspired by what you did here. Thanks a lot for sharing, freezedream, A lot more inspiring than the played out wobble crap!!

white noise deathstephttps://www.beatport.com/label/plague-born/44199