Who Has Made This Song?

Hey everybody!

I’ve had heard this electro song a few months ago…I guess, it was in a mix somwhen on the radio…Later I heard the same loop in a movie in a HipHop song as a background. Don’t remember which movie it was anymore. And I bet, I haven’t remade the melody exactly as the original. But if there’s someone on this earth who knows this song - you’d make me a pretty happy guy! :)

Thanks in advance!

That was easy. Daft Punk - Aerodynamic, from their Discovery-album. I really recommend that album. :)

Thanks a lot, junior!
Shame on me, I don’t know a song from Daft Punk. You know, that happens, if you decide not to watch mtv anymore :)

Funny, I even found the hiphop song. It’s a remix from Slum Village (not my thing though). I really like the original. Funny they’re still using that overdriven compressor :)

Once again, thanks a lot. And you made me happy indeed ;)

Well, the rns of yours made it very easy to recognize it, as it instrument-wise sounded very similar, so it was easy to recognize. :) The phaser really did a lot to achieve that similar ‘floating’ sound, so I guess I’m thanking you as well for demonstrating a “sound” I didn’t instantly interpret as an phaser-effect. :)