Who in here makes Glitch Hop?

I know a lot us make Jungle, IDM and other spastic genres of music. Today I wanted to know if anyone here makes Glitch Hop (or just Glitch music in general) or Blip Hop.

For the record:
I’m NOT talking about the EDM Glitch Hop (Pretty Lights, Mr. Bill etc) because that’s mostly just Dubstep (nothing against Dubstep). I’m talking about the actual mesh Hop Hop/Pop Music and Glitchy Blip style production.

If so, I wanna hear your records.

Not a glitch hop artist, but who exemplifies the style in your opinion?

Great tool this @slujr :


Also, WillBe is an awesome hip hop tracker producer from back in the day; you might like some of that.


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Wow … yeah I should’ve given examples

Machinedrum - Bidnezz
Machinedrum - Urban Biology
Prefuse 73 - Vocal Studies and Uprock Narratives
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
Push Button Objects (Entire Catalog)
edIT’s music before Glitchmob

An actual mesh of hip hop and glitch … not dubstep

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Cool Cool
Yeah, I’m specifically looking for tracker artists.

Nice, thanks for the examples. I’m not working in this style, but I probably listened to bidnezz and uprock narratives about a hundred times when they came out back in the day. Great records, those!

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I probably have, but sprinkled through other kind of stuff & styles? ;


dropped something glitchy at times & hiphop beat inspired today, check it out here;


Yo this is nice.

You got a whole album of this? Or just a few tracks here and there?

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Yo I’m listening now…… this is really good mane

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I guess I count? Most of my stuff ends up being some form of Glitch music. I don’t often set out to do it, it just kind of happens. Always starts off as folk music and ends up being weird and glitchy.


Yo, this is amazing!!!

I wonder if I could find enough Glitch Hop artists to make a compilation.

It would have to have a name to separate it from the Dubstep Glitch Hop.


That would actually be pretty cool, I know what you mean by how difficult it can be to find this specific style rather than glitchy dubstep. Nothing wrong with dubstep, but the weird glitchy hip hop inspired stuff really struck a chord with me when I first heard crying over pros for no reason.

I do (but not with Renoise yet)! I likely can’t (and won’t because I don’t want to come off as spammy) post links to it, but it’s probably the most fun genre to make IMHO. Right next to breakcore.

edIT was one of the first artists in the genre I had ever heard, and at the time I was hooked. I think I discovered Tipper next (who is probably too dubstep-oriented for this thread) and felt majorly inspired by his work, enough to start creating my own over the course of probably a decade or more.

Honestly I thought the genre was going to blow up more than it had, and it’s weird that all of the GH Spotify playlists are just cheesy EDM jams rather than what the genre used to sound like. Everything sounds like an anthem instead of the groovy stuff that used to exist, and I hope the genre isn’t entirely dead yet.

I mean, if you wanna post links you can … not a problem

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That Adam John track on there is brutal \m/

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Oh yea, that one is really good, those phasers are sic!!

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Nothing against you, but this is definitely the Dubstep Glitch Hop I was trying to steer clear of. It’s very good and i can tell you spent a lot of time on it, but it’s not what I was looking for.

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