Who inspired you to make music?

It’s a lot of talk about what renoise can and cannot do. But what about the music? Man Parrish and Sleep maybe for me. What about you?

edit: well, i am very curious…


Initially: Jogeir Liljedahl and Bjorn Lynne.

Lately: Spotify

maybe you are joking. maybe you are serious? maybe stuff i said sounded like a joke but it really was not.

everyone has influences some they may not wanna say. so you like Britteny spears and black sabbath? that’s cool. i can’t hear that in your music.

thanks rob, having a nice time listening.

Initial inspiration: my brother-in-law in the 80’s. He had an e-piano and two or three synths (no modulars though). He was a lot into jazz and soul, while I loved stuff like Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Cabaret Voltaire. But even though I didn’t really like his music, I liked the fact he was making music with those synths.
Anyways, I bought a computer, and it had to be an Atari ST because of the built-in MIDI interface. So yeah, I also bought a crappy Yamaha DS55 (didn’t really know anything about that stuff at that time), and Steinberg Twelve MIDI Sequencer Software. (And soon I started making my own software - I bought the computer for this in the first place.)

That’s where it began for me. I still use the DS55 as a MIDI input device, the keys still work great. :)

I played piano from really young up until middle school, I’ve been in band since 7th grade, and I’ve played music games (DDR and such) since 4th grade. I’ve had a lot of music in my life. :lol: It was mainly the music games though that got me hooked on electronic music and pushed me to express my own creativity.

What led me to Renoise? “Hey Venetian Snares uses this thing called Renoise, maybe I should check it out.” :lol:

Fun fact: I discovered artists like VSnares and Skrillex and such pretty much only through music games.

^On a similar note, I discovered ‘she’ aka Lain Trzaska through Stepmania (another rhythm game.) At first I had to crawl around on youtube to find his music, but then I found his official site, twitter, etc. Once I saw him construct this killer bass sound on youtube, I decided to check out Renoise, and haven’t looked back.

Oh and I’ve been playing since I was… 13? I can’t remember why, I think it may have had something to do with trance music? : p

Watching this on TV as a kid:

And recently, Mordi’s work:

And KeyboardMan1977, whoever that is:

Just musical energy :slight_smile:

In the long run, Overcoat led me to Renoise. I have too many unrelated musical tastes to ever list them all.

Do you even know WHO you’re talking to??!? If M Baguette says Mc Hammer then this is the answer you get, take it or leave it but how dare you call him out on his reply. For the love of God.

Anyway for me it was Phil Collins/Genesis and Pink Floyd.

I saw this at an impressionable age:


Nice grab! Cheers!

My parents got me my first guitar when i was 12. Then around age 14-15 i started using computers to do music, in those days anything more than a simple beep was considered quite impressive <_<

I remember clicking notes on a staff on that old black&white MacPlus screen for hours :w00t: :w00t:

Then a few years later we got a PC (486dx with 8 megs of ram, k!!lL3r machine at the time) and i started tracking with ST3, then later impulse tracker…

the good ol days :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

Back when I was really little, a lot of the cartoons I watched and games I played (especially on the N64) had really good electronic soundtracks, so I think a lot of that laid the foundation for my music making. And then I actually started messing around with cracked versions of FL Studio in middle school after I heard Daft Punk’s Discovery. I don’t remember what really got me into seriously producing, though. I think probably discovering Bandcamp in it’s entirety gave me the final push to actually wanting to be a musician.

Rob Hubbard.

Very interesting question!

For me there are several reasons to start making music:

  • I do love the effect music has on me and I like jamming on the piano back then when I had lessons (in my early youth)

  • Many songs which move me have a reasonable simple structure and I thought: I can do that, too!

  • After some really hard years on the job I needed something to re-experience / re-discover my self-efficacy in a “safe” environment

  • Renoise appeared on my personal radar at the right time and it was affordable

  • Trackers always were somehow magic to me after I experienced a lot of the C64 demos and other computer based music

  • There are some bands I consider inspiring (in no particular order):
    . Kraftwerk
    . Röyksoppp
    . Trenetmøller
    . The Knife
    . Aphex Twin (although I do not like his music he did very inspiring stuff)
    . Many many techno songs (mainly trance and dance back in the 90ties)

Goodness, won’t tease the baguette anymore.

The Art of Noise and Sesame Street.