Who Likes Chili?

During the past few months I’ve been gaining a lot of interest towards chili and probably even growing it myself. Anyone growing chili? Any good websites to look into for chili seeds and whatnot?

My current favorite is Piri piri, it really sets the heat up nice and sweaty. But a friendly reminder for self: easy on the chili when making soup. My guts are quite on fire as I type this :D

Gotta try one of these at some point, but I’ve heard they’re hawt.

Scotch Bonnet (or possibly Habenaro as they aren’t usually labelled) are my most commonly used chilli when cooking :)

yes, i have grown them before from seed. it is very rewarding and i highly recommend it. you have to wait until the spring now before you start. it’s a good idea to start the seeds off in a propagator (basically a miniature greenhouse) - you should be able to get one cheaply (no need to shell out loads for a fancy one). Put them in yoghurt pots with soil and some cotton wool in the bottom, if memory serves. prick them out and repot them when they are big enough. then its just a case of putting them on a window with plenty of sunlight, water them the right amount etc. i had a window full of them and they produced so many chillis i ended up freezing them and was still eating my way through them for months, years even. it was awesome.

i bought my seeds from here i think:
the cool thing is you can pick out different variaties to grow. this place used give you a small free pamphlet with advice on growing them and fascinating information about the capsaicin and stuff.

I’ve grown them too, and it’s not too hard.

I know this will be unpopular, but fuck it. :P

Capsaicin supplied by chillies is an essential part of cooking, a basic ingredient like salt or sugar, that when used in moderation can really complement a dish with a nice hot kick.

Unfortunately a culture now exists where people pretend they enjoy eating stupid amounts of what is essentially an irritant in some sort of attempt to appear tough.

Properly seasoned, properly spiced foods are pleasant to eat.
A dish with far too much capsaicin in it is disgusting in the same way a cup of coffee with 32 sugars in it is. Stuff like Phall is just pure bravado cock-swinging bullshit and anyone who claims to enjoy it is an idiot.


genfu, cheers for the link! Ordered Red Devil seeds :D

datassette, for some strange reason I enjoy the feeling when your mouth is burning and guts are on flames, although not too regularly. I like the taste of Piri piri a lot, although it is indeed pretty hot.

Most importantly, I’m more interested in growing chili than eating it. But eating the chili you’ve grown yourself ain’t such a bad idea either :)