Who Made This Mod?

It’s starcase.it but called s t a i r c a s e in the info. Anyway, me think it rocks, leech and listen!

Oh, I’ve bought myself some webspace now, so even keith303 can download from me now, hehe…

IT 2.16… hmmz, was there ever an IT 2.16 or is this one done in modplug?

Wasn’t 2.16 the registered version, or was that 2.15? Never used IT in the day, was a FT2-man… :D

2.14 supposed to be that last public edition, the registered got updates, but due to a serious bug, the 2.15 was also released publicly.

2.16 was the version that brought the IPX drivers along.

The only difference between public and registered were the stereo wav driver and the filters.