Who Make Handsup?

Aloha …

who make handsup? I have yet not seen here someone who post a typical handsup / dancecore renoise track :(

you can hear it on technobase.fm

I will create this style with renoise but dont get the basics for this style :wacko:

I would be amazing to have a swapping project over net with a renoiser who managed how make this kind of music.

Any kind of help in this direction would welcome BUT the direct instruction (via starting a track from scratch with another renoiser) would fast up an d would make more fun.

have a nice day ^_^

anyone? :rolleyes:

This is the first time I’ve ever heard of it.

Hear technobaseFM and you have a overview what direction i want to make myself.
I think with the new feature list it is with renoise possible.

I am alone not so clever to get it and need help. :huh:


bootmarked :yeah:

Hmm? :huh:

It seems that the renoise forum not the place for asking for a collaboration :(

I will give it another try here. Please!

If you making handups / hardstyle / jumpstyle tracks, what about making a track together? :rolleyes:

Sometimes I do hardstyle. Handsup ain’t my cup of tea but we might give it a shot :)


This is great man :lol:
I have seen also you are german and this makes it much better because my english ist horrible :D
What do you think? Would it be good to make a community track like “open source”-projects in software?

The days we must contact each other. Today i have my children here (was married years ago … hehe i hav a post from you seen, that you have marriaged … incredible that you find time to make music <_<:rolleyes: ) and the first 90ies-party has arrieved our town.

I wish you nice 2. christmas day


No problem.

Blog, ICQ, GoogleWave. Whatever you want :)