Who Needs Rewire?

I hear a lot of demand for support for Propellerheads Rewire. It’s ok, but how about building in support for Jack?


It has audio in and out. And it’s open source. And the mac has JackTools for easy setup.

Another alternative for audio routing is Soundflower (+ Soundflowerbed). From what I’ve experienced with Jack is that it works off your existing audio interface, so if you have a card like the Audiophile 2496 you’d be limited to 4 channels of simultaneous recording. Soundflower shows up in your Audio MIDI Setup as either 2 ch or 16 ch interface. I was able to effectively use it today to route audio into Logic. Recorded 7 channels at the same time. Worked out very nicely :)

The only problem was MIDI clock synching the two applications ;)

Here’s the link (www.cycling74.com) if you feel like checking it out.


Hm. Soundflower… thanks, I’ll have a look.


i read a thread here in this forum about syncing renoise to cubase via midi-yoke and midi-slave capabilities in renoise.
i tried it, and it works, really. (with FL studio)
though, if you want to use asio for both applications, you’ll need a soundcard like the emu ones, which have more asio channels you can use simultaneously.
i tried it with direct-x and it’s ok. but my terratec ewx card, only allows one program using the soundcard at all, if asio is enabled. so everything gets f***** up when opening a second audio app.